from the depths of the scratching tree


joe joe

Keyboard / Vocals

Due to his paranoid schizophrenia he often makes sounds of different animals (especially birds of prey). Nobody knows why.

lex lex

Drums / Vocals

Is a Vietnam veteran suffering from PTSD. He can't let go of the napalm deaths he caused. During seizures, he sets everything on fire.

mil mil


Was in high society and got banned from it because of a scandal. He only plays at CATCORE because of his autophobia.

vid vid

Guitar / Vocals

Suffers from a severe personality disorder caused by his years of catnip dependency. His other personality is a dog.

Searching for further members - mostly for bass guitar.

Known facts about CATCORE

Date of incorporation:

1st of June 2019


Herborn, Hessen, Germany (mostly here)


New Metal Core

Coming soon: